Scariest Horror Movies of All Time you’re anything like me, I enjoy a little scare and thrill to get the blood flowing and any reason to curl up under the covers and veg-out, from time to time. Over  the decades, there have been numerous horror movies produced and often times, one becomes better than the next. The directors and producers […]Read More


6 Ways to Create Passive Income

No, money does not grow on trees but, it could, while you sleep. Passive income is when you generate income with little to no effort with a minimal amount of cost to you and and your time. If you are seeking financial freedom, building wealth and want to do what you choose, whenever or wherever […]Read More


10 Side Hustle Ideas That Could Replace Your 9-5 Job

Need a little cash each month? Consider a side hustle. Below are 10 side hustle ideas that could replace your 9-5 job. However, before considering a side hustle, think of all the possibilities that will work for you and your family. Side hustles could vary on the amount of work you need to do depending […]Read More


Exotic Places You Don’t Need a Passport

Wanting an escape and yearning to travel to exotic places at the spur of the moment for a surprise romantic getaway, a boys or girls trip away, with your family for a reunion, or just looking to escape the big city hum drum and stress but, don’t have a US Passport? Not a problem! Here […]Read More


The Best FREE iOS Game of All Time

The Best FREE iOS Game of All Time There are many iOS Games out there but they are not created equal.  Many of them are just plain boring or have very poor graphics, gameplay and/or storylines.  Many games are not free and to top it off many are not even good.  Then you have your […]Read More


The 10 Worst NBA Draft Picks of All Time

The 10 Worst NBA Draft Picks of All Time   Marvin Williams- #2 draft pick for the Atlanta Hawks in 2005. Was traded after only 2 years of being drafted 2. Ron Mercer- #6 draft pick for the Boston Celtics in 1997. Only lasted 2 years with the team before being traded. 3. Ed O’Bannon […]Read More


6 Cases Where Being a Vegan May Not Be Right

There are former vegans out there who have abandoned the plant-based lifestyle because they realized it just wasn’t right for them. We know consuming a plant-based diet is healthier for our heart, brain function, digestion, muscles and taming inflammation. We are told by our doctors we should all incorporate leading a plant-based diet in our […]Read More


5 Foods To Help Boost Your Immune System

When it comes to building a strong immune system, it’s important to eat the right foods. There are tons of foods that can help you strengthen your body. Here are 5 foods to help boost your immune system. Broccoli Broccoli is a powerful food that is great for overall wellness, including to help boost your […]Read More


6 Things to Do Before Going on Vacation

Traveling to a nice vacation spot is always a good thing to keep a bit of spice in your life. However, you need to take care of business before leaving the home. Here are 6 things to do before going to your fun destination. Program Your Thermostat When you’re away from home, pick a stable […]Read More