Exotic Places You Don’t Need a Passport

 Exotic Places You Don’t Need a Passport

Wanting an escape and yearning to travel to exotic places at the spur of the moment for a surprise romantic getaway, a boys or girls trip away, with your family for a reunion, or just looking to escape the big city hum drum and stress but, don’t have a US Passport? Not a problem! Here are 5 exotic places US citizens can jet set to, without a passport.


Located approximately 2,000 miles off the Western Coast of the US Mainland, Hawaii is made up of a chain of islands, starting with the most Northern, Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai. Maui, Kahoolawe, Lanai and the Big Island. Every island offers an enormity of magnificent beauty from the eruption of Kilauea Volcano, to the grand mountain ranges, down to the beautiful white sand beaches and blue waters. You may even get lucky to see the humpback whales migrate to warmer waters, dolphins playing, exotic birds and flowers and and even feral pigs roaming. Hawaii has a multicultural diversity where you can experience their amazing food, music and hula festivities and varies cultural and religious traditions.  There is a multitude of sightseeing attractions rich in Hawaiian history and iconic military presence like Pearl Harbor, Punchbowl National Cemetery, or the Arizona Memorial. The Hawaiian islands offers something for everyone looking for adventures or rest and relaxation.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean, between the US Virgin Islands and Dominican Republic. Because Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States and one of the oldest colonies, of the United States, it isn’t necessary to have a passport when visiting this exotic destination. Immerse yourself in their rich culture and tradition by exploring the music, foods, art, festivals and language. Visit the beautiful beaches in San Juan and Vieques and the El Yunque National Forest.

US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands are also located in the Caribbean and is made up of three main islands, St Croix, St Thomas and St John. Visit St Croix to enjoy the walk through their town while enjoying the architecture alongside the gorgeous mountainous range or dip into the beautiful¬† exquisite beaches to indulge yourself in beauty of snorkeling in the rich coral life that surrounds St Croix. Or, visit St Thomas, considered the most lively of the islands, where visitors enjoy sightseeing and world class shopping or getting wet in the beauty of the crystal clear waters and relaxing on powdered beaches where activities and adventure abound with snorkeling, sailing, kayaking and diving. But wait, St John, although the smallest of the islands, offers visitors a treat of varying hiking adventures and turquoise blue crystal water beaches. Visit one or visit them all, you won’t be disappointed.

Northern Mariana Islands

Located in the Western Pacific, Saipan, Tinian and Rota islands, otherwise known as the Commonwealth Northern Marianas Islands, make up the destination of choice. Visit their pristine beaches, take walks to uncover and learn the history and sightsee the beauty of what the islands have to offer while engaging with the locals. Your adventure awaits you at the Norther Mariana Islands.


Guam is a place where families, couples or solo adventurers seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city life can go and indulge in the rich culture of the amazing Chamorro people, bask in the sun of beautiful beaches and its weather all year long, learn and engage with the natural wildlife Guam has to offer and tour the National Parks.

Before visiting any of these places, always check on their travel requirements and local laws, rules and restrictions.