The Best FREE iOS Game of All Time

 The Best FREE iOS Game of All Time

The Best FREE iOS Game of All Time

There are many iOS Games out there but they are not created equal.  Many of them are just plain boring or have very poor graphics, gameplay and/or storylines.  Many games are not free and to top it off many are not even good.  Then you have your selection of free games.  Many free games are very bad due to the fact that they are loaded with ads.  So many ads that you can’t even play the game.  After searching through many games, we have come across what we think is the Best Free iOS Game of All Time – Backrooms Horror Escape.



Welcome to the Backrooms Horror Escape Game.
Have you ever Gotten lost on an endless maze of hallways? Have you found a place where
you are alone but feel like if you are still being watched by someone? Chances are you’ve fallen into the
backrooms – a terrifying and eerily nostalgic realm for you to live out the rest of
your days.

Recall the fun of the genuine adventure games embedded in 3D
surroundings with a deep, captivating story. Move from one room to the next
to kill monsters and escape them to make your way out of the danger.

Try Backrooms Lost Horror Escape available in the iOS App Store

Get ready for a Horror-Filled Scary Adventure Puzzle
There is absolutely no match to the kind of immersive, scary adventure
experience that this survival puzzle game offers. From hyper-realistic horror
shooting sound effects to gruesome ghost adventures graphics and mind-
numbing terrors, this horror shooting scary puzzle game is all about shaking you
down to the core.

Make sure you are not sitting alone while playing the best of
scary games!

Endless Gun Shooting Evil Fight
Brace yourself for one of the most exciting and thrilling horror adventures you
have ever experienced in your lifetime. Explore the backrooms carefully, and
when you see a monster use your gun to shoot him, and make sure to avoid him
or you’ll be in danger. If you shoot them all, then you can escape the backrooms.

Features of Backrooms – Lost Horror Escape
• Simple and scary games UI/UX
• Steer clear of the deadly monsters looking for you
• Simple tap and drag controls for fun experience
• Use hide and shoot tactics to survive in this challenging adventure
• Hyper-realistic horror shooting in the middle of endless hallways

Download and Play Backrooms Lost Horror Escape