Six of The Best Bounty Hunters in Star Wars

 Six of The Best Bounty Hunters in Star Wars

While you may be getting your Mandalorian fix, don’t forget about the old school. Here are six of the best bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe:

Boba Fett

What started out as someone who was trying to avenge his father, Jango Fett, he became one of the most revered bounty hunters in the series. He has his trusty blaster, jetpack, and even kneepads that shoot darts. Not to mention, he’s a brilliant tactician with great leadership skills. 

Cad Bane

This guy was quite the hunter back in the Clone Wars. If you couldn’t tell by his Western outlaw getup, this guy is known as a master thief. Heists were his game. He could back up his wit with his pistols and agility to outmaneuver multiple adversaries. 

Jango Fett

Even though he was taken out by Mace Windu, he was once considered the best bounty hunter. I mean, if you can go toe to toe with Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re doing something right! He was a real savage with a jetpack, amino saber darts, and his dual blaster.

Din Djarin

This guy is the main player in The Mandalorian. He’s also called “Mando” for short. Epic is putting it lightly because he’s a great pilot, fighter, and hunter. He’s the type of guy you want on your team if you need to get something done swiftly and under the radar. That might be why his sniper skills are on A1 status. 


He’s a bit more eccentric than your average bounty hunter, but don’t let his uniqueness fool you. Sure, he may wear different hats but it’s not just for fashion when he uses them as a shield, weapon, and snowboard. He’s loyal to a fault when it comes to getting the job finished for anyone that employs him. 

Jas Emari

You got to have at least one lady that holds it down. Emari is not only a great sniper but comes well-prepared for different situations. Don’t be surprised if she’s able to get out of different cells because of her amazing lockpicking skills. 



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