Seven of the Great Entertainers of All-Time

 Seven of the Great Entertainers of All-Time

Even in the new decade, we can’t forget about those that have created a big impact in our lives. Some are still with us in the living world and others have passed on. Here are seven of the greatest entertainers of all-time. 

Robin Williams

This is one of the all-time great comedians that had a career spanning over 40 years. From his roles in “Aladdin”, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, and “Jumanji”, he made us laugh, cry, and just get involved in any adventure in our homes and in theaters. 

Michael Jackson

Simply put he’s “The King of Pop.” Before he left us, he hit the world with some of the most impactful music, period. He’s sold the most records of any artist out there. His music is still in heavy rotation today.

Sammy Davis, Jr.

When you think of triple threat, you can’t help but mention the dancer, singer, and actor that is the incredible Sammy Davis, Jr. From his start in the Will Maston Trio to his time with the infamous Rat Pack, this guy was a trailblazer when it came to a full-on entertainer. 

Betty White

While you don’t see her in too many big roles these days, she’s still a part of our everyday presence. We really know and love her from the hit series. “The Golden Girls.” Ms. Betty is someone who has a piece of our hearts. She recently turned 99 and she still has all of her wit! 

Sean Connery

Mr. Connery was quite the gentleman and shared his essence on-screen with each role. He slowed down a bit later in life before he retired. Even though he’s gone, he’s still our number 1 Bond. His 007 films are legendary! 

Steven Spielberg

What more can you say about the genius that brought us films that stand the test of time, such as “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”, “Indiana Jones”, and “Jurassic Park”? He continues to produce big films that really sparks our imagination. 

Lucille Ball 

Who can forget “I Love Lucy”? She was a trailblazer on that show being married to a Latino, which definitely helped to break through the color line on prime television. Even though she’s been gone for decades, we still catch her on television making us laugh with her comedic genius.