Five of The Best Characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

 Five of The Best Characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel movies have certainly been hits since 1998. These are here to stay with many people loving the franchises that come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Here are five of the best characters to come out of this world.


Although the first movie was technically not considered to be a part of what we now know as the MCU back in 1998, it certainly laid the foundation. Wesley Snipes did his thing in the trilogy. He played the anti-hero showing off great martial arts skills and a rawness still praised today. Mahershala Ali is taking over the role in 2022. 

Captain America

The squeaky clean and the self-righteous image is always going to be a part of the classic American hero. Chris Evans who played “The Human Torch” in the Fantastic Four films, ended up finding his niche playing Captain America. With a grueling schedule that had him put on 20-30 pounds of muscle, he certainly stepped up to the role. 


Not enough credit is given to our green giant and genius in Genetics. While he’s had a number of reiterations over the past four decades, the current actor Mark Ruffalo shows a unique side to The Hulk. 

Black Panther

This was such a trailblazing character that showed he can tangle with the big guys, such as Captain America and Iron Man. His technology was ahead of its time. Chadwick Boseman did the role of justice as one of his last six major roles before he passed on. Wakanda Forever! 

Iron Man

The term MCU really started getting kicked around when the first Iron Man movie came out. Robert Downey, Jr was able to get the smart, witty, and eccentric personality of this character down to a science. Even with his smart Aleck persona, Iron Man is still is a fan favorite on and off-screen.