Celebrity death hoaxes that shocked the internet

 Celebrity death hoaxes that shocked the internet

1. Tom Hanks

In 2006, the Buzz Lightyear voice actor, Tom Hanks, went “to Infinity and beyond” after bogus rumor spread that he fell off a cliff during filming. He was really alive and kicking in Canada.

2. Miley Cyrus

In 2014, there was a hoax that Miley Cyrus died from an overdose in her home. She debunked this rumors by posting a topless Instagram photo.

3. Tom Cruise

In 2010, Tom Cruise found the death hoax through plumbing mishap to be quite hilarious. It was one of the more obscure fake deaths announced in the past decade!

4. Mark-Paul Gosselaar

One of the interest things is many believed Mark was killed in a motorcycle accident. It wasn’t until years later that people found he was alive and still had the acting bug.

5. Judd Nelson

Back in 2014, The Breakfast Club actor was in a big death hoax. His agent made it clear that the brat pack actor was alive by tweeting a photo of Nelson holding up the L.A. Times.