7 Travel Products You Must Have

 7 Travel Products You Must Have

Even with the world slowed down, you can still forget the everyday things getting caught up in it all.  Take a look at some everyday things to help.

1. NEWYES Reusable Smart Notebook

This is perfect for hitting down your notes for classes, recipes, and more. Not to mention, you can also store files in case you need to bring them up later for a meeting or something.

2. HomeStrap Hanging Jewellery

This is perfect for hanging in your bedroom or any place that’s comfortable where you can save space.  Whether you have everyday earrings or a special necklace, it can be put on the wall away from your dog or baby.

3.  UNEFY Pill & Vitamin Organizer Water Bottle

Here’s a great way to not only hydrate but it’s good for taking your medicine and daily supplements so that you don’t forget.

4. Saleshop365 Bluetooth 4.0 Anti-Lost Anti-Theft Alarm Device Tracker

Whether you lose something while out and about or you misplace something at home, this is a cool device you can attach to your wallet to help you locate the missing item.

5. Kurtzy Self-Watering Flower Pot

You may not always have time to nourish your plants, so this is great to save time and ensure your plants get the proper water needed to grow.

6. HomeStrap Mesh Reusable Storage Bag

Keep all of your fruits and vegetables in reusable for better storage to make your favorite dishes.

7. SYGA Digital Kitchen Cooking Timer

This compact to take with you to any kitchen and you can hook it somewhere. It has an easy to read display that’ll help you keep tabs on your cooking.

Rob Pereda