7 Foods Ranked by Intimidation

 7 Foods Ranked by Intimidation

1. Poke Bowl

Kinda reminds you of the Facebook poke wars from back in the day, right?

2. Mufgel

I don’t know if this is an insult or some crazy new-aged gel?

3. Cronut

This sounds like one fully-loaded pastry!

4. Sushi Burrito Wrap

Sushi and Burrito?! Sounds like a toss up between a Friday Happy Hour or Taco Tuesday.

5.  Avocado Toast

Green stuff on toast! Hmmm…the appeal!

6. Galaxy Doughnuts

Do I have to eat these doughnuts out in space?

7. Soylent

Some people are just intimidated by soy products especially when they have to use it as a meal replacement.