7 Changes You Can Make to Have a Great Year

 7 Changes You Can Make to Have a Great Year

People think you need drastic changes in order to positively affect your year. A few simple methods on a regular basis can be just as effective.

1. Celebrate Your Wins

Even if it’s a small win like going 50 minutes on your elliptical instead 40, take a little time to watch a favorite show or something. Remember, this is progress.

2. Talk to Yourself

You’re your biggest support team. It’s perfectly fine to pep yourself up in the morning or give you that extra push to complete the day’s work.

3.Take a Day Off From Social Media

With so much going on, it’s important to take a break from the information overload.

4. Find a Space Away FromWork and Home

Find a park or just a basketball court where you can have a bit of fun outdoors without all distractions.

5. Face Your Fears

Facing up to what you’re afraid of is not only good for the soul, but it builds your character to deal with hard tasks.

6. Appreciate Things More

We don’t give enough praise to just appreciating the things we have sometimes. It’s good to remember the things we’re fortunate for rather than the have-nots.

7. Have Guilt-Free Days

Don’t beat yourself up for binging your favorite show, having that big piece of cake, or buying a cool gadget every once in a while. Remember, you deserve it!

Rob Pereda