Packing Check List for Overseas Travel

 Packing Check List for Overseas Travel

Your long awaited vacation to another country is near and you’re looking forward to the excitement and creating memories you’ll never forget. Packing for a trip can be stressful and when traveling overseas, you must be prepared and know what to pack, before take-off.  Here are must-haves to add to your check list before you jet set.

Passport / Visas

If you don’t have a passport already, apply for your passport as soon as possible. A passport allows you to enter into another country whether you’re traveling through or choosing to temporarily reside in that country. The turn around time to receive your passport may take up to 6 weeks however, there is an expedited fee for a faster turnaround. Check with your State or local United States Postal Service USPS locations or other local vendors to see where they accept applications for passports and make an appointment. If you have a passport, make sure your passport is not near it’s expiration date. For adults, a passport is good for 10 years. If you are under the age of 16, your passport is good for 5 years.

Packing Cubes

While you may not be able to fit as much stuff into the bag, packing cubes will help you get more organized and allow you to store items in suitcase. Keep items stored in separate areas of the cube where you can have your delicates in one place, jeans and shirts, shoes and jackets in another. Most importantly make sure you know where you pack your important documents/IDs. This is perfect to help you get situated before heading to the airport.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

When traveling overseas, it is important to remain hydrated. Carrying around your favorite stainless steel water bottle forces you to drink liquids throughout the flight and while visiting and touring around your international destination of choice. A stainless steel water bottle is ideal to keep your water cool and your temperature comfortable. It’s also convenient when you find a place to refill your bottle with some clean tap water. Make sure you do your research on tap water first before drinking it in different countries. Some tap water isn’t made to be consumed. Check out the list of 10 Countries with worse drinking water.

Good Walking Shoes

Okay, we know this is a given, but, it must be said, if you’re in a place that has a lot of historic places and will be in the great outdoors, chances are you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Make sure you have a pair of comfortable shoes that will allow you to stay fit and comfortable while trekking around your favorite sites. 


Protect your skin at all times! No matter where you plan to travel, a good sunscreen and skin care routine is essential to preserving your face and skin.  Warmer climates with unforgiving sun rays may cause a lot of skin damage to your skin, even if its for a walk around the small town. Pack your favorite sunscreen and enjoy! 

Power Adapter

Stay connected. Each country has its own outlet settings. Be sure to check with your hotel, resort or Airbnb to ensure you are equipped with the right charger, adapter and/or converter. Purchasing and packing the right devices and attachments for your overseas destinations prior to leaving on your trip will keep you connected and well charged. Here are 14 best travel adapters and converters that will keep you connected around the world.

Small First Aid Kit

You might be going hiking or on a fishing trip. It’s a good idea to pack a first aid kit in case you get any scrapes or cuts. This will save you time and energy from scrambling to find a local store with those supplies.