5 Top Destinations to Go With Your Significant Other

 5 Top Destinations to Go With Your Significant Other

Going on your 10th year anniversary or just want to get away for a special birthday trip? It’s always nice to switch it up a bit and travel to a great city or tropical island. Here are 5 top destinations for you and your significant other. 


There’s nothing like going to the city of love. Take a date and up to the Eiffel Tower. Relive that moment where you proposed to your special girl 10 years ago. Have a night out on the town and eat your favorite beignet as a taste treat. 

New York City

Take in some cinema from the classics that’ll keep you and your lady reminiscing about fun times at a teen. Also, NYC is open so you can go to your favorite restaurants, malls, and other summer events. 

Las Vegas

Ah, yes. The “City of Sin.” Have a great vacation where you take in what Vegas has to offer. If you’ve been with your kids all year, this is a place where you can truly let your hair down. Get a room at Hotel Linq. Do some betting at the casino then party it up at Drais beach club for that amazing daytime experience. 


This city has a lot of history being a top-notch Mayan spot with some cool ruins still leftover from when they were there. It’s off the Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean Sea. So you get a bit of that Central American and Caribbean flavor all rolled into one. Check out the amazing beaches here. Also, you can do some scuba diving because the water is amazing. This is a great spot for outdoor adventure with you and your spouse.


From the beautiful Caribbean water, the amazing cuisine, and the delicious rum libations, it really can’t be beaten. Take in the great reggae and dancehall music as you enjoy the island weather.