4 Crazy Stories About Michael Jordan

 4 Crazy Stories About Michael Jordan

Known to many as the greatest basketball player of all-time, Michael Jordan definitely stirred up the 90s. There was a certain mystique to him even in the rumors and stories. Here are 4 crazy stories about Michael Jordan you may have not known about. 

Jordan Allegedly Bet $20,000 on a Game of Rock, Paper, Scissors

Well, we all know that Jordan had a thing for competition even on the most simple things. Jay Williams was a rookie player for the Chicago Bulls and saw first hand how Jordan would bet against these youngsters. Not to mention, he’d goad them into a higher bet even when they were down. 

Claims Jordan’s First Retirement Was a Secret Suspension

Some believed Jordan’s first retirement in 1993 was due to the NBA running an investigation on his gambling. They viewed it as a secret suspension from the game. However, the late commissioner Stern said this was false. Jordan attributed the retirement due to exhaustion, lack of interest, and his father’s passing at the time as the key reasons why he left the game. 

Jordan Was Mean to His Teammates

Well, it’s definitely true that Jordan lit a fire under his teammates. However, it wasn’t solely to be crass. He actually wanted to give them that spirit to all do better and placed that same flame on himself. 

Terry Francona Believed Jordan Had Major League Potential

Jordan’s record for the Birmingham Barons was .202. However, he had stolen 30 bases as well. In the short time he played for the Barons, he vastly improved. Francona (baseball manager that led the Boston Red Sox to 2 world titles) said that Jordan just needed a few years to develop his game. He could’ve been a major league contender.